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    MyLab GOLD Platform: The Premium Ultrasound Choice

    The MyLab 70 XVG, MyLab 70 XVision and MyLab 60 are new ultrasound systems within the MyLab GOLD Platform, designed to satisfy special medical requests from clinicians by extending the already high quality technology with integration, full data sharing, continuous workflow and unique advanced versatility.

    Quality, Flexibility, Workflow And Value In Diagnostic Imaging

    The MyLab GOLD Platform's ambitious goals are to offer top quality, high flexibility, dedicated ergonomics, improved value, dedicated solutions for all applications and to meet every need in every situation. Impressive image quality in abdominal, small parts, vascular, cardiac and surgery are combined with advanced architecture, software-based updating, an easy and faster user-interface and unique versatility.

    Advanced Technologies: Latest Innovations In Your Hands

    Esaote has always been recognized as an innovator in medical technologies through the company's significant investment in research activities, constructive relationships with important scientific societies and strong support from advanced laboratories. Esaote's expertise, combined with the contribution of opinion leaders and system users, has created unparalleled results in the features present inside MyLab GOLD Platform.

    TEI - Tissue Enhancement Imaging: The superb contrast and detailed resolution of TEI™ technology gives you the diagnostic edge. Thanks to the wide bandwidth of Esaote's transducers, the harmonic signal is fully preserved without degradation of the acoustic information. Easy-to-use, one-button access and quick response time make TEI a true technological advantage in routine ultrasound use.

    XView - Real-Time Adaptive Algorithms: XView is Esaote's revolutionary technology that improves image quality during the acquisition, processing and display stages. Using aspects of resolution, post-processing and averaging image enhancement techniques, XView dramatically enhances tissue margins and conspicuity, without any negative manipulation of the final image or loss of frame rate. The result: Increased Diagnostic Confidence.

    MView - Powerful Suppression Image Enhancement: MView is Esaote's revolutionary technology which improves the quality of ultrasound images by reducing the presence of artefacts, shadowing and speckle. Different pulses from different angles, correlated to form one final image, give the ability to obtain dramatically enhanced contrast and detailed resolution. This provides increased visualization of borders and interfaces. ElaXto - Further step towards tissue characterization: Non-invasive method to support the physician in assessing tissue elasticity. The differences in tissue responses are detected and visualized in real-time by the elaXto processing algorithms through different graphical representations.

    RFQIMT - RFQAS - Innovation and Accuracy in Vascular and Cardiovascular Imaging: Quality Intima media Thickness (RFQIMT) and Quality Arterial Stiffness (RFQAS) are based on the Esaote RF-data technology for the accurate assessment of vessel wall thickness and arterial stiffness. They represent a valuable support in the hands of the physicians to manage early detection and early follow-up of CVD, preventing further degradation of the vascular condition and to delay the moment that the disease causes serious troubles. The RFQIMT and RFQAS measurements are taken at the Common Carotid Artery, which represents a critical point in the vascular system. Quality, ease of use, completeness and innovation identify this Esaote solution as one of the most advanced in the market.

    CnTI - Contrast Tuned Imaging: Esaote's proprietary CnTI (Contrast Tuned Imaging) provides high performance contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging with second-generation contrast media. Intermittent and real-time low-MI modalities give optimal results in left ventricle opacification (LVO) and myocardial perfusion analysis, both in rest and stress examinations.

    Virtual Navigator - Fusion Imaging: Virtual Navigator is a revolutionary technology able to combine the advantages of real-time ultrasound imaging with CT/MR images' high spatial and contrast resolution. Virtual Navigator is fully integrated in the systems, enabling the user to easily switch between Fusion Imaging and the standard environment.

    X4D Imaging - Discover a New Dimension: All the technologies and features in 2D imaging are the basis on which sophisticated algorithms are able to deliver outstanding 3D/4D volume reconstuctions. The latest X4D technology makes volumetric scanning easier than ever.

    Compass M-Mode: Orientable processing line The innovative Compass M-Mode tool allows up to two M-Mode lines to be placed and multiple measurements to be made on one image without moving the patient, an ideal approach to increasing patient throughput while maintaining diagnostic precision.

    TVM - Tissue Velocity Mapping: Tissue Velocity Mapping provides complete wall Motion Analysis for both systolic and diastolic myocardial function evaluation. This PW Dopplerassociated technology allows the user to measure velocity, local acceleration and obtain rapid quantification (i.e., displacement of the walls). Finally, the kinetic activity of the heart can be easily quantified by using TVM. Stress Echo Comprehensive package: The Stress-Echo package with programmable protocols and multi-format reviewing capabilities is ideal for the accurate monitoring of all cardiovascular pathologies.

    XStrain - 2D-Based Strain-Strain Rate: The innovative XStrain technology provides an advanced and angle-independent 2D imaging based tool for analyzing myocardial velocities, strain and strain rate. The quantification of these parameters is a most promising clinical technique for early detection of myocardial contractility and distensibility impairment. XStrain provides an unmatched level of diagnostic capability and allows an innovative approach to further clinical procedures (i.e, CRT – Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy).

    Shared Service Package - Full Interdisciplinary Solution: The shared Service Package allow the Gold Platform to extend high performance to any shared service department providing application dedicated solutions, resulting in cost savings and increased productivity.

    MyLab™Desk - Coherent Workstation Software: MyLab™Desk, Esaote's latest image management solution, is an option to meet the needs of private offices to increase workflow and productivity. MyLab™Desk installs the MyLab systems' user interface on a standard PC, offering a comfortable reviewing and processing station based on all the PC's available functions.