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    MyLab 20Plus: Welcome To The Ultrasound World

    The MyLab 20Plus is designed for a multi-application approach and can be customized to meet every individual need. This compact console B/W ultrasound system, which can easily be upgraded to colour and Doppler, provides exceptional image quality. A wide selection of features combined with a complete range of convex, linear, endocavity and pencil transducers provide the ideal solution in the shared service ultrasound department or clinic. General imaging, women healthcare, vascular, urology, small parts and musculoskeletal examinations can be easily performed through dedicated technologies and solutions.

    Your Portal To The Ultrasound World.

    Designed to meet any clinical need, the MyLab 20Plus offers exceptional image quality and extreme adaptability thanks to its dedicated technologies and solutions. The smart operation, the integrated image archive and report editor increase the workflow of the ultrasound user, whereas the high-end 17" LCD monitor improves user comfort and reduces eyestrain.

    The MyLab 20Plus integrates today's USB and CD/DVD image and data management capabilities. When selecting the final storage destination, the operator can easily choose from the internal hard disk, DVD/CD burner, personal USB memory drive. The system is fully DICOM and IHE compliant, facilitating network storage that allows a direct connection to external workstations, both in Windows® or DICOM environments.

    MyLab Desk is an image management solution that installing the MyLab's user interface on a standard PC, allowing comfortable full-features review and processing on the PC: a further step towards users' comfort and productivity.