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    MyLab 50: Extreme Flexibility Without Compromise

    MyLab 50 offers high-performance standards without compromise for General Imaging and cardiac ultrasound scanning. The modular architecture and unique scalability of MyLab™50 make it adaptable to a variety of clinical applications both in general imaging and cardiovascular configurations for adults and children, including cardiac, main and peripheral vascular, abdominal, small parts, breast, ob/gyn, urology and musculoskeletal.

    The Ideal Partner In Cardiovascular And General Imaging Ultrasound

    MyLab 50 has been designed to be the reference system for every cardiovascular, general imaging and shared-service ultrasound laboratory, whether a private practice, specialized clinic or bustling hospital department. High-level performance, advanced data management, application-specific transducers and application-dedicated packages satisfy even the most demanding needs.

    Improved Efficiency, Increased Flexibility, Optimized Workflow

    Based on the revolutionary MyLab architecture, the MyLab50 produces unmatched image quality both in terms of contrast and spatial resolution and increases user comfort while reducing eyestrain.

    The high-technology iQProbes with their innovative design and ergonomics complete the advanced features of MyLab 50.

    Unlimited Upgradeability

    The MyLab 50's modular architecture offers the highest level of flexibility when it comes to choosing the system's configuration. Any level of customization is possible by upgrading the system with application-dedicated packages and equipping it with the desired peripherals. This way, the present and future needs of any user are guaranteed.

    A Versatile And Ergonomic Approach

    The MyLab 50 is based on an extremely simple and intuitive user interface designed specifically for multi-application requirements, with direct access to the most frequently used functions. A fully height-adjustable and rotating keyboard with back-illuminated soft-keys on the system's alphanumeric keyboard ensures maximum comfort and versatility.

    Extreme Connectivity

    The MyLab 50 has been designed to be limitless in terms of connectivity. During real-time scanning, images and video clips are temporarily stored and can be displayed as thumbnails by pressing just one button. When selecting the final storage destination, the operator can easily chose from the integrated hard disk, DVD/CD burner, personal USB memory drive and/or network storage. Additionally, several types of printers can be attached to the system and controlled by dedicated buttons, including cost-effective inkjet and USB printers.

    Post-Processing Workstation, Quantification Tools

    Esaote designs its ultrasound systems to be an integral part of a digital ultrasound department, both in Windows and DICOM environments, and not just a stand-alone piece of equipment. This approach allows the user to choose the appropriate level of integration and offers the highest upgrade capability.