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    InnoCare-S has been specifically de- signed for transport conditions, so patient monitoring can be performed with absolute certainty during trans- portation. The lightweight (about 1.3 kg) and flat design makes it possible to place it on the patient or hang it on the edge of the bed by its handle.

    The InnoCare-S operates for 3-4 hours with its rechargeable battery. With the docking unit the device can be very easily fixed to and removed from the console.

    Immediate information, easy-of-use

    The following information is clearly visible on the bright and - compared to the dimensions of the device - large display: monitored waveforms, numerical information, and trends. The touch-screen and rotary knob controlled menu system gives fast and simple access to the diverse functions. InnoCare-S offers multi-level alarm possibility. Alarms can be set for the lower and upper limit values of all measured / calculated parameters.


    The InnoCare-S stores the 72-hour trend of all parameters in 30sec resolution. The screen can be split to display scrolling wave- forms or trends in tabular form. The graphic trend can be displayed in 2, 3, 6, 12, and 24- hour intervals. Moving the trend cursor, the monitor displays the values for any moment of the last 72 hours.

    INNDCARE-S - Portable monitor with 7” TFT LCD