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  • Hysteroscope XG-5

    1.Adopt high quality stainless steel 2.Endoscope adopts German optic glass and fiber
    3.With direction index 4.Sapphire lens cover never abrasion
    5.The unique 22°curved tube can make doctor find the left and right Fallopian tube easily 6.Thinner diameter of tube can let doctor insert easily and decrease the pain of patient
    7.Hysteroscope with metal handle can be chosen  
    No. Name Specification Code
    1 22° Curved hysteroscope 6.4mm×170mm J0122
    2 Flexible biopsy forceps 6Fr×385mm X5161A
    3 Flexible scissors 6Fr×385mm X5261A
    4 Flexible grasping ring forceps 6Fr×385mm X5163A
    5 Flexible brush 6Fr U8661
    6 Light cable 4mm×2m U8724
    7 Steel wire 1mm(3Fr)×300 X5803
    8 Sealed cap No T7303