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  • Cystoscope NP-3

    1.Can connect with STORZ products 2.Adopt high quality stainless steel material

    3.Endoscope can stand of temperature of 134°C/273° F for sterilization

    4.Endoscope adopts German optic glass,light fiber and light cone
    5.With direction index 6.Sapphire cover for lens,never abrasion
    7.New optic system,clear field of view 8.Free maintenance valve
    No. Name Specification Code
    1 0 ° Endoscope 4mm×302mm J0300E
    2 30 ° Endoscope 4mm×302mm J0330E
    3 70 ° Endoscope 4mm×302mm J0370E
    4 Endoscope bridge(Single channel) 3.5mm (instrument channel) N4201
    5 Working element(Double channels) 3.5mm (instrument channel) N4102
    6 Flexible biopsy forceps 7Fr×390mm N5171
    7 Flexible saw-tooth forceps 7Fr×390mm N5172
    8 Flexible foreign body forceps 7Fr×390mm N5173
    9 Flexible scissors 7Fr×390mm N5271
    10 Sheath & obturator 15.5Fr×222mm N4015
    11 Sheath & obturator 19.8Fr×231mm N4019
    12 Sheath & obturator 21Fr×231mm N4021
    13 Sheath & obturator 22.5Fr×231mm N4022
    14 Cleaning rod 3mm×340mm U8601C
    15 In-flow valve No T7201
    16 Out-flow valve No T7211
    17 Light cable 4mm×2m U8724
    18 Sealed cap No T7303