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    The PENTAX RetroView Colonoscope is the first high definition video colonoscope that features an enhanced retroflex bending section for potential benefits in both diagnostic and therapeutic colonoscopy procedures. When compared to today's conventional colonoscope, the PENTAX RetroView Colonoscope has a shorter bending section (9.0 cm), greater tip deflection (210 degrees in up direction) and 25% smaller retroflex position diameter that may result in greater maneuverability to visualize more hidden polyps, easier access to the distal side of polyps during EMR and difficult polypectomy and easier navigation through the sharp twists and turns of a difficult colon. Maximize your potential, raise your standards and extend your skills with the new PENTAX RetroView Colonoscope.

    As the latest addition to the successful PENTAX i-series platform, the PENTAX RetroView Colonoscope features PENTAX HD+ image resolution with PENTAX i-SCAN image enhancement filters, graduated stiffness technology and compatibility with the PENTAX HD+ line of processors. The PENTAX i-series platform is widely used at top academic teaching institutions and major hospitals throughout the world.