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  • HeartScreen 80G-L

    Perfect ergonomics

    Keeping the main elements of the previous model's award winning design, the G series has been completely renewed. The high-resolution, large LCD is capable of displaying 4 curves (3 ECG and 1 rhythm curve). Thanks to the backlit display's more favorable visual effects the user can easily navigate the menus, and the results that satisfy even the highest clinical requirements are ana- lyzable even without printing and under unsatisfactory lighting conditions.

    The device is easy to operate. The programs are started directly with the keys, while the menu system perfectly follows user habits. The simplicity and speed of paper loading helps the assistants' work.

    Ideal portable ECG

    The ECG carrying case provides comfortable storage, and offers safe and shock-resistant storage space for the high-value device and accessories. The G-L model's intelligent quick-charger places the device into operational state in an exceptionally short time.

    All-round ECG services

    Optimized for the practice

    Computer connection possibilities

    Innobase for Windows