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  • HeartScreen 112 Visit

    Perfect construction

    Keeping the main elements and advantages of the previous models the new „Visit” series has been completely renewed. The model integrates the current high level technology, with the decades of Innomed experience on ECG field

    The high-resolution LCD is capable of displaying 3 normal ECG and 1 rhythm curve simultaneously with different speed. Thanks to the backlit display's more favorable visual effects, the user can easily navigate in the menu, and the results satisfy even the highest clinical requirements and current standards. The ECG-s can be analyzed even without printing due to the high resolution LCD display to save paper costs, and ECG's can be archived on PC later thanks to the increased memory built in the device and the PC based data management system (I f W).

    The device is easy to operate by the dedicated keys. The most important settings and functions are operated directly from the keyboard, while the menu system perfectly follows more sophisticated user habits, user requirements thanks to the softkey expanded user interface that occasionally appeares.

    The repeatedly validated Innomed analyses and diagnoses program (IAD), and the new optional cardivascular risk management program (CRM) help the user in decision making and treatment. CRM informs the user about some of the risk factors for the better care of the patient.

    Complete ECG services

    Optimized for all practice

    Computer connection