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    Reliable basic functions

    The HeartScreen 112 Clinic is a 12-lead ECG device based on the most modern microcomputer-controlled development results. As a result of the refined analog and digital signal processing technology the 12-channel recording display and processing is completely noise-free and precise.

    High-resolution LCD

    The 800x480 pixel, 153x94 mm large display makes it possible to display in detail all the waves of the ECG curve. The leads appear in different colors, so the overlapping curves are easily distinguished. The strong backlight provides high-contrast image under all light conditions. All functions are easy to access and operate using the services that appear in the menu system.

    Ergonomic controls, menu-controlled functions

    The new design that makes it comfortable and a pleasure to use the device, fits right into your modern environment. The functions and settings are easy to handle with the foil keys and the touchscreen, which also make operation flexible and simple.

    Long-life thermal printer, excellent printing quality

    As a result of thermal printing technology, the printer contains few moving parts only, and can print as much as 50.000m. The printed curves perfectly indicate all details of the ECG's QRS complex and all other waves. The HeartScreen 112 Clinic contains a 112mm wide thermal printer unit that is able to print 6 or 3 channels. A laser printer can be connected to the device, to print size A4 ECG reports directly to normal paper.

    Mobile operating mode

    The high-capacity battery and the modern charging technology in the HeartScreen offer absolute safety for the user requiring mobile application. The minimum 4-hour continuous operation in monitoring mode and the minimum 30-minute printing with a single charge offer ample security in even the most unanticipated situations. However, the built-in charger quickly charges the battery. Even when the bat¬tery is completely drained, the device operates automatically when connected to the mains.

    Infinite upgrade options

    The HeartScreen family offers a wide range of options for the ECG diagnostics user to get the best possible device. The HeartScreen concept makes it possible to create a versatile, multi-functional cardiological diagnostic center from a high-level basic ECG diagnos¬tic device. The user can do this anytime and at any pace, since the construction offers infinite possibilities for different versions.


    The pulseoxymeter channel offers the simultaneous monitoring of the pulse wave, the ECG and an external analog signal (for example a doppler), and offers exact data about the patient's cardiovascular system.

    To ease record analysis, select an analysis and diagnosis program; for long-period, several-minute ECG signal analysis select the rhythm analysis option.

    You can upgrade the system to an exercise measurement workplace, since the new ECG generation offers automatic bicycle ergometer control as well. The program adapts flexibly to examining different types of patients, the safety devices support minimizing risk.

    HeartScreen 112 Clinic PC connection

    Information management systems are becoming increasingly important in patient care, where quick access to comprehensive critical information is a must for more efficient patient care and more favorable cost efficiency.

    Even in its most basic construction, the HeartScreen 112 Clinic contains computer connection possibility, which - with the optional software - ensures a wide range of options for professional information applications.

    Innomed's new cardiological information system - Innobase - offers users complete solution for the integration of the HeartScreen into the information systems.

    The arrhythmia program makes it possible to monitor a patient for over several 10 minutes. The device automatically recognizes ventricular and supraventricular extras, wide beats, and other heart cycles that appear irregularly in time. In one operating mode the device only prints extras and their environments, not the regular beats. Another operating mode makes it possible to store and print the entire continuous ECG signal in uncompressed format. At the end of the recording the device creates statistics about extra types and displays minimum and maximum RR distances and RR deviation as well.

    Main features: