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  • HeartSave HS6

    Technical Data defibrillation HeartSave HS6

    Impulse shape biphasic, current-controlled impulses, external
    Energy in the automatic mode 140-360J according to patient impedance
    Manual energy stages 50 J, 100 J, 200 J, 300 J, 360 J
    Charge time < 6 sec. for 200 J
    Analysis time 7 -12 s
    Asystole threshold < 200
    Artefact detection  
    Pacemaker detection  
    Cardioversion Auto-synchronous mode. QRS Marker
    Derivation Eindhoven I, II, III Goldberger avL, avR, aVF
    Patient resistance 23 - 200 Ohm
    Heart rate 30-300 per min
    Alarms 30-300 per min
    Monitor / Monitor  
    Monitor TFT, LCD, blue mode
    Dimensions 95 x 72 mm (diagonal 4.7"/120 mm)
    Resolution 320 x 240 pixels
    Battery capacity display  
    Speed 25 mm/s
    Sensitivity 10 mm / mV
    User information Language instructions, heart rate, number of defibrillations, ECG curve, number of detected VF/VT, total resuscitation time
    Defibrillation electrodes  
    Adhesive electrodes (hands free)  
    Shelf life 36 months
    Cable length 1,5 m
    Active electrode surface 164 cm2 overall
    Data management  
    Removable memory CF card 2 GB
    Data/voice recording > 90 h data and voice recording
    Power supply Battery 6
    Model LiMn02
    Voltage 15 V
    Capacity (nominal) 2,8 Ah
    Service life 6 years
    Shocks 200@360J
    Monitoring 15 h
    Charge time approx. 3 h
    Protection Class IP55
    Dimensions Weight incl. power supply Height x Width x Depth 25 cm x 28 cm x 9 cm approx. 2.3 kg