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    Cardio-Aid™ 360-B biphasic defibrillator integrates state- of-the-art technologies which make quick lifesaving possible.

    Cardio-Aid™ 360-B delivers a biphasic shock even at 360 J energy level if it is necessary.

    2.7 sec typical charging time

    The exceptionally short charging time ensures the quickest possible intervention, increasing the chance for survival.

    AED mode

    The user is guided by clear screen and voice commands through the resuscitation procedure according to the latest ERC guidelines. Safe and simple operation minimizes the chance of mistakes from user's side, after receiving a brief training.

    STAR biphasic waveform

    The main goal of designing STAR™ (Self-Tracking Active Response) biphasic waveform was to optimize energy delivery. Maximal energy accuracy is guaranteed by the FPIM technology under any circumstances, which ensures the most effective therapy.

    VF detector

    The applied FVFT technology guarantees quick and reliable detection of patient arrhythmia both in AED and in manual modes.

    Impedance measurement

    Patient's safety and efficiency of the therapy is achieved by the continuous monitoring of patient's chest impedance. Intelligent energy management New IBLT system always gives adequate information on the status of the battery. The operating time on battery is significantly increased. Even in case of missing or flat battery, all functions of the device can be operated from mains.


    Due to QSDT procedure, delay of detection is minimized and the reliability of cardioversion therapy is increased.

    Transcutaneous pacer

    For quick intervention, not only disposable electrodes but also multifunctional defibrillation paddle-electrodes can be used during the application of external pacer therapy.

    12-channel ECG

    DSP technology based ECG helps the doctor with accurate information before and after intervention. The intelligent IPDT method ensures the appropriate monitoring of patients with implanted pacemaker.


    Cardio-Aid™ 360-B defibrillator is dedicated to clinical and hospital use. Due to its easy handling and high-level services, both experienced personnel and laymen can use it fast and effectively. The reliable SunTech NIBP module built in the device measures patient's blood-pressure in a fast and accurate way. Precise oxygen saturation measurement is guaranteed by Nellcor™ pulseoxymeter technology.

    ALL-IN-HAND simple handling

    The multifunctional external paddle-electrodes are equipped with ergonomic setting keys. Energy level can be set, charging and shock delivery can be started from paddle-electrodes, this way user does not have to touch the device during operation.


    Ergonomically designed housing provides comfortable portability.

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