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  • ACCUVAC Basic

    It is crucial to survival to keep the patient's airways free and clear. For decades ACCUVAC Basic has set the standard for medical suction. With suctioning of your patient's mouth, nose, throat, trachea and bronchial tubes, ACCUVAC Basic effectively removes obstructions to breathing. The suction pump can be used at the scene of an emergency, in the hospital, in nursing homes and in home care.

    Broad application area, wide negative pressure range

    ACCUVAC Basic can also be used safely in pediatrics. The vacuum settings can be appropriately adjusted for small patients. Beyond its purely medical application, the suction pump ACCUVAC Basic can deflate vaccuum splints and vaccuum mattresses.

    ACCUVAC Basic: significantly safer

    Safe use, wide range of applications

    Device handling tailored to your work

    For every type of patient, for every emergency